Orchard toys mini games

Orchard toys mini games

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Llamas in Pyjamas is a matching game featuring quirky llama characters dressed in pyjamas. Players must build as many llamas as possible before the sleeping llama picture is completed! Age 3-6

Little Bug Bingo is a colourful minibeast bingo game for ages 3-6. This fun bingo game features both familiar and unfamiliar bugs children will enjoy learning and identifying, from ladybirds and bumblebees to water boatmen.

Spiders and Spouts is a fun, spider-themed snakes and ladders game for ages 4-6. Great to take out and about, the game features colourful characters from the popular Insey Winsey Spider nursery rhyme.

Animal Families is a fun matching and memory game, based on the classic game of Happy Families. Designed for children aged 4 and above, players must collect three sets of friendly animal families to win the game.

Jungle Dominoes is a colourful domino game for ages 3-6. Featuring friendly jungle animals from elephants to tigers, this fun game is bound to be a hit with children and families alike.

Animal Match is a fun animal snap for ages 3-6. Snap is a classic game which the whole family can enjoy, and the friendly animal characters make it even more appealing to all ages.

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